Miss Daisy Pet – for all your 4 legged friends!


Miss Daisy Medical wraps are also perfect for your 4 legged pet friends. Use our various sizes for your pet no matter their size. Perfect for paws and injured legs. Try our larger wraps to support and compress the abdomen too.

Dog bandage wrap

Accidents happen to our friends with paws as well. Miss Daisy Wraps will help support and heal them too. Our variety of sizes are great for any injury big or small. This Dachshund sprained his little leg while trying to overdue himself on a walk. A small Miss Daisy Wrap did the trick to stabilize his front leg until he is healed and rested.

Missy Daisy Pet stomach wrap

Whether it's a sprain or a broken bone,  our wraps are perfect for pets. From dogs and cats to horses, our medical wraps can be used post surgery and are comfortable and easy to use on your pets, big or small. Miss Daisy Medical wraps are breathable and won't pull hair. Also, the anti-stick, silicone dots help keep them from sticking to wounds.

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