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As you may notice below, there are several pet testimonials. For more information on properly bandaging a pet, check out this helpful article.


I worked on ski patrol as a medic for 49 years. The skiing eventually took a toll on my knees. I had to have a total knee replacement. Three weeks after surgery I was told about the Miss Daisy dressing. I immediately used it on my knee. I initially wore it for 24 hours. The results were shocking. I found the overall pain had diminished and it was easier to walk with much less discomfort. My only regret was that I didn’t get the MDM dressing at the time of surgery.


Our dog, Bailey has a growth plate issue. We are supposed to keep him from jumping but it’s pretty difficult with a one year old dog. He jumped off of my son's bed and four days later again jumped off of our daughter's bed. He immediately started to limp. I used the Miss Daisy Dressing to keep the pain and inflammation down. It also was useful to hold the ice pack in place as we had to ice him four times each day. I would definitely recommend the dressing to use in humans as well as animals.

Carole G,

Hi. My name is Jim and I have one of your bandages. I wear a catheter and the sticky pads that hold it in place do not hold up very well so I use this to help them out and they work great.

Jim, Maryland

Our little Dachshund may be small, but he has the energy and spunk of a big dog. He forgets that he is not as big as my other dogs and tries to keep up with the rest of the bunch. One night he tried to jump up on the bed to lay at my feet like the other dogs do and he slipped and injured his abdomen. Miss Daisy Medical Wraps worked perfect to compress his tiny body and support him as he heals. In the meantime, we are investing in some doggy steps for the bed!

Amy , Red Lion, PA