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I pulled a muscle in my lower leg while golfing and found it difficult to play golf and tennis. I am a very active person. While wearing the Miss Daisy Dressing, I found that it protected my leg while healing occurred. It offered support and immobilized the sore muscle so I could continue to be active without intense pain. I would definitely recommend the dressing to others.

Lee Coates, Carman Manitoba, Canada

I developed tennis elbow because I was holding my tennis racket too tight. I decided to purchase & wear the Miss Daisy Wrap. It allowed me to play tennis while having protection of the joint as well as allowing my elbow to heal. The support to my elbow was superior to any wrap that I tried in the past. Plus, my perspiration was wicked away from my arm so my arm remained dry as I continued to play tennis. I was so impressed with the wrap that I decided to wear it even after healing occurred as a reminder to not hold my racket too tight. I would recommend this wrap to others. I only have positive things to say about this product.

Lori Jones, Wasilla, Alaska